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Here at Candy Academy we understand your event planning challenges – in fact we’ve faced many of them ourselves! We are now ready to come alongside you in the nitty-gritty of your event planning and promotion efforts, providing encouragement, inspirational resources, and practical every day coaching and support to help you reach your planning goals.


Candy Academy Community Membership

• Tangible Team Learning
• Affordable Price Tag
• Manageable Time Commitment
• Relevant Group Discussions
• Practical Ongoing Support
• Valuable Industry Connections
• Special Event Growth
• Extended Helpful Resources
• Team-friendly, Transferable Online Seat



member-list-ico Learn from a Community of In-house and Do-it-yourself Planners:
Make meaningful connections!
Get connected to valuable resources, and gain confidence as you learn from world-class and up-and-coming event experts, industry suppliers, and your in-house and do-it-yourself planning peers.
member-list-ico Enjoy Workshop Access and Event Registration Discounts:
Event Planning Workshops • Marketing Workshops • Special Events
Learn how to effectively plan and promote your events with our learning face to face and online workshops and special connecting events!
member-list-ico Be inspired by Moments Magazine online and in print:
Enjoy Moments Magazine – Event Planning Ideas + Inspiration 
Be inspired, stay informed, and learn about local resources as you plan and promote events through our Moments Magazine Resource Library.

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If you would like to learn more about becoming a Candy Academy Member or would like our team to build a custom training session for your business or organization please contact me directly by calling 1-800-560-8180 or by sending an email to [email protected].

I look forward to meeting you and helping to make your team stronger!