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I’m An Event Planner

Although it may not seem like it most of us are event planners in one-way or another. Organizing a potluck with friends, a birthday party or games night all take some degree of strategized planning. Moments Magazine is a representation of the people, culture and passion of anyone planning and promoting events in the Calgary area. We want to foster community within the events industry and celebrate the planner, because as we all know – it’s not easy!

Events play an important role in many aspects of our day-to-day lives and are ultimately the building blocks to an vital society. They work to sustain culture, pass on traditions, celebrate life and grow our community while sparking new relationships and strengthening old ones.

We want to urge you to create moments of your own and become inspired from others planning or promoting events. As creative teams or individuals it’s easy to get burnt out or lose momentum, especially if we aren’t doing things that fulfill or inspire us on a regular basis. Moments magazine is meant to be that creative boost where you can find unique resources, creative ideas and practical solutions to event roadblocks, from local event planners who share the same love for creating, inspiring and celebrating.

I am an event planner

Here are three local event planners who continue to make Calgary more dynamic, fun, and inspired! Listen in as they talk about the value of local events in their own words …

“Local events and the wonderful people who put in the hard work to host them are the reason my reign as Miss Teenage Airdrie has been as memorable as it is. These dedicated and hardworking individuals who put together these celebrations, bring our communities together and we thank them for their time and efforts. I am extremely excited to see what Moments Magazine will branch into as they start an incredible journey and bring Calgarians together.” – Mackenzie Murray, Former Miss Teen Airdrie


Growing up, my favorite memories revolve around family gatherings, my parents having friends over, and going to local events. These are the things that got me so excited that I couldn’t sleep. It’s because I knew I was going to get the chance to catch up with people, make new friends, and see new things. I am the person I am today because of these events. Events matter because they allow for interaction amongst people, the sharing of knowledge, and the presentation of artistic passion. Also, many events have food…and I really like food!”- Andrew Phung, Actor/Improviser/Emcee


When I hear the word event I think of connection. The value of events are incredibly powerful as they create opportunities for authentic in-person connections that build relationships within your community, associations, and business. Events provide opportunities to learn from each other, grow professionally (and personally), share ideas, transfer knowledge, celebrate milestones, collaborate, promote your brand, provide support, raise awareness or simply for the purpose to connect and network!”Monica Kretschmer, Founder Canadian Business Chicks


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